Our Story

Who am I?

  • I am an American patriot who loves her country.
  • I believe that we are in a battle against evil.
  • I have faith in God & believe that Faith Stands and Fear Runs. I am not afraid!
  • I have true hope, but am not on “hopium”.
  • I believe that we must re-elect President Trump in 2024 or it may be impossible to reverse the current evil course, of history, of this exceptional country.
  • I am a proven woman of ACTION, ACTION, ACTION

I am 68 years young, the daughter of a communist mother & a Rush Limbaugh loving father who understandably got divorced. After graduating from Princeton University and obtaining my MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, I had a very rewarding career in the Corporate & Leveraged Buyout Finance industry for over 25 years in New York City and Chicago. In 2012, my husband and I started splitting our time between Naples, FL and Eagle River, WI.

I spent most of my adult years as an un-engaged “closet conservative” in DemocRAT infested Chicago, but awakened to the importance of political action in 2018, when I volunteered for the Republican Party in Collier County, FL to work to elect Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott.

What is Concerned Americans for America?

Concerned Americans for America, a “Super PAC” (FEC Committee ID C007502440), was formed in June 2020. After the Collier County Republican Executive Committee (“CCREC”) refused to help President Trump get re-elected, after he won the Presidential Preference Primary, in March of that year. I resigned from the CCREC’s Campaign Committee & after hearing pleas from volunteer patriots, who wanted to help re-elect President Trump, formed Concerned Americans for America (“CAFA”) to drive up the victory margin for Trump in Collier County, after Trump’s victory margin had declined in 2016 from Romney’s victory margin over Obama in 2012. Please see “2020 Mission” and article on “Why Improvement in Collier County was Critical to Trump in 2020?”

With help from my friend and fellow patriot, Debbie Blaine, & a volunteer army of over 200 patriots in Collier County, CAFA was a HUGE factor in delivering a 6,991 / 16% increase in the Victory Margin for Trump over Biden of 51,329 in 2020 versus his 44,338 Victory Margin over Clinton in 2016.

How did we do it? ACTION, ACTION, ACTION.

We recruited volunteers and raised more than $20,000, primarily from a tip jar table set up, on weekends, at the Alamo, a gun store in Naples, FL. We spent 100% of the contributions on the delivery of targeted Pro–Trump messages, via door hangers & post cards, to over 100,000 registered Independents (aka NPAs or No Party Affiliation), Hispanics and African Americans in Collier County, FL, in August, September, & October of 2020. Please see “2020 Mission” for more details including samples of our post cards & door hangers.

Not one penny was spent on consultants or compensation. I even learned how to file the Federal Election Commission reports so that we would not have to pay an accountant. We promised our contributors that every penny of their contributions would go directly to messaging to re-elect President Trump and we kept our “no grifter” promise.

In the 2022 mid-term election cycle, rather than working to re-elect Gov. DeSantis and/or Sen. Rubio in Florida, I decided to spend CAFA’s valuable volunteer time and money on re-electing the truly great Senator from the State of Wisconsin, Sen. Ron Johnson.

Why? We knew that Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Rubio would easily win their races and we only wanted to focus on a high ROI (return on investment) race.

CAFA delivered Pro-Johnson messages, via billboards and door-hangers, to more than 300,000 voters & played a HUGE role in helping Sen. Johnson win his race over Mandela Barnes by fewer than 27k votes, out of more than 2.7 million votes cast. See “2022 Mission” for more details including samples of our Pro-Johnson billboard and door hanger messages in 2022.

In 2024, our mission, once again, is to re-elect President Trump.

We will invest 100% of your contributions on Pro-Trump & anti–Biden/Anti-Democrat messaging in Wisconsin, given the importance of that critical battleground state to President Trump’s re-election.

Please see 2024 Mission for more details on our 2024 Strategy & Tactics, and answers to “Why Wisconsin?” & “Why Billboards?

Patriots, we urgently need your financial support.

Respectfully and with gratitude for all you are doing to help save our country.

Terry Capsay