2024 Mission:

Re-Elect President Trump by Delivering a Victory

and 10 Electoral Votes for Trump in Wisconsin.

Strategy / Tactics:

What we will do with your contributions?

  • Where we will focus: The critical battleground state of Wisconsin
  • How we will message: Billboards in the more populated cities and counties in WI including Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha and others.
  • What we will message:
    • Simple, persuasive, and easy to understand billboards
    • Pro Trump and Anti Biden / Anti Democrat messages

Why Wisconsin?

We only spend time and money on high ROI (return on investment) elections and are confident that we can help deliver a critical victory in 2024 for President Trump in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is one of 3 critical battleground states that President Trump won in 2016 but lost in 2020 and cost him the 2020 election.

Trump “lost” the 2020 election by fewer than 43,000 votes in 3 states and Wisconsin was one of those 3 states he lost:

  • Georgia (11,779 / .2% of that state’s votes);
  • Arizona (10,457 / .3%) and
  • Wisconsin (20,682 / .6%).

It is critical that President Trump win again in these 3 states in order to win the 2024 election.

Our focus on Wisconsin makes sense because we have personal ties to and political knowledge about the state (of WI). In addition, we have a proven track record in Wisconsin where our persuasive billboard messaging contributed to the re-election of Sen. Ron Johnson (WI) in 2022.

Why Billboards?

A $1,000 Contribution = 50,000+ impressions per week for 4 weeks.

Two reasons: cost and time.


  1. The cost per impression of a billboard is less than $.01 and significantly less than the cost of a postcard mailing or doorhanger ($.40/postcard impression and $.04 /doorhanger impression).
  2. Unlike doorhangers that are extremely volunteer time-intensive to hang on doors, there is very limited investment of time in the design and procurement of a billboard message that, for approximately $1,000, will be seen by 50,000 + people per week for 4 weeks.

2016 vs 2020 Election

Take America Back